Product Concept Submission Process

To ensure proper consideration and protection of your product/concept, please read the following and complete the Submission Form.

  • Complete the Submission Form for all areas that apply to you.  This will provide the initial information to allow Terumo to give the proper consideration for your submission.  

        Confidentiality and Protection

  • In your initial submission, do not provide confidential information.  Note that all information submitted will be treated non-confidentially.
  • To protect your product/concept, we recommend that you apply first for patent protection.
  • Terumo may be aware of other products or concepts that could impact the decision to move forward with you. Due to potential pre-existing confidentiality agreements, we may not be able to fully disclose reasons for not moving forward with your product/concept.  However, Terumo will make efforts to provide candid feedback on your submission.
  • Terumo can assume no obligation to protect, retain, or hold confidential any information disclosed in a submission or in conversations prior to a formal written agreement between you and Terumo.

Following preliminary review, Terumo will contact you concerning interest level and next steps.  Please do not reach out to unknown parties within the Terumo organization on the status of your submission.

Terumo may request to enter into a Confidentiality Agreement to allow for the exchange of more detailed information. This agreement helps to protect you and Terumo from any conflicts from other projects of similar nature which we may already be considering.