PRIORITYONE® Aspiration Catheter

Product Overview

The deliverable solution for thrombus removal

PRIORITYONE AC is an aspiration catheter with a guidewire-style stylet technology and a fully braided stainless steel shaft improving deliverability through superior distal kink resistance in difficult clinical scenarios.

Built in guidewire style-stylet for kink resistance and optimal deliverability: The built in guidewire-style stylet provides kink resistance and features a floppy distal segment which facilitates improved trackability to reach further into the tortuous anatomy.1

Full braided stainless steel shaft for added pushability: PRIORITYONE AC has full body stainless steel braiding with variable stiffness - a stiffer proximal end for added pushability and a more flexible distal end for added trackability.1

Unique beveled tip design for effective aspiration: PRIORITYONE AC has a short, rounded and flexible tip design that facilitates effective aspiration and aids in deliverability.1

RX Only. Refer to the product labels and package insert for complete warnings, precautions, potential complications, and instructions for use

1. Data on File


Product Code Length Rapid Exchange Segment Radiopaque Marker Guide Catheter Compatibility Wire Compatibility
30-6100 140cm 9cm 1mm 6Fr (I.D. >0.070 inch / 1.78mm) 0.014" (0.36mm)
30-7100 140cm 9cm 1mm 7Fr (I.D. >0.080 inch / 2.03mm) 0.014" (0.36mm)

Other Product Specifications

Tip Length 6mm
Coating Hydrophilic
Positioning Marks 10cm single white marker located 90cm from the distal tip