Product image: PINNACLE R-O II HIFLO Introducer Sheath with 45- degree side tube and radiopaque marker

PINNACLE® R/O II HIFLO Introducer Sheath


Higher flow rates with 45° side tube take-off provides smooth flow dynamic within the sheath.¹

The Palladium marker band is 5mm from the tip.¹

  • Larger inner diameter side tube to accommodate higher flow rate¹
  • Side tube pinch clamp to temporarily stop flow during procedure¹

Shorter 4 cm sheath and stiff dilator enhances pushability for easier and more efficient superficial access procedures¹

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Item Code Sheath Size (Fr) Sheath Length (cm) Max Guidewire Compatible Short Guidewire
RSB604H 6 4 0.038" Spring 0.035''/40cm
RSB704H 7 4 0.038" Spring 0.035''/40cm
RSB804H 8 4 0.038" Spring 0.035''/40cm
RSB605H 6 4 0.038" No Wire
RSB705H 7 4 0.038" No Wire
RSB805H 8 4 0.038" No Wire


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Pinnacle ROII HiFlo IFU
Pinnacle ROII HiFlo IFU


RX ONLY. Refer to the product labels and package insert for complete warnings, precautions, potential complications, and instructions for use.

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