ANGIO-SEAL® VIP Vascular Closure Device

The Inside Advantage

Active closure for rapid and reliable hemostasis proven to accelerate patient mobility and enable same-day discharge7-8

How to Deploy Angio-Seal® VIP Vascular Closure Device


Angio-Seal inserted in an artery
Angio-Seal inserted in an artery


  1. Exchange the procedure sheath with the Angio-Seal locator system
  2. Blood flow through the locator visually confirms proper sheath position in the artery
Angio-Seal anchor deployed in an artery
Angio-Seal anchor deployed in an artery


  1. Insert the Angio-Seal VIP device into the sheath until you hear a “click.” 
  2. Gently pull back on the locking cap until you hear another “click.”
  3. The anchor is now locked in place and device is ready to be deployed.
Angio-Seal collagen plug deployed
Angio-Seal collagen plug deployed


  1. Gently pull back on the Angio-Seal VIP device until the suture has stopped spooling.
  2. Maintain upward tension on the device and gently advance the compaction tube until resistance is felt.
  3. Cut the suture and remove the device.


Locate the Femoral Artery with Daniel Simon, MD

Clinical Deployment of ANGIO-SEAL® VIP by Daniel Simon, MD

The ANGIO-SEAL® Vascular Closure Device: Set Anchor, Seal Puncture


ANGIO-Seal MRI Safety - Is ANGIO-Seal MRI safe? 

The implanted components of the device are MRI Safe. The product is not made with natural rubber latex.14

Types of Vascular Closure Devices - What are some common types of vascular closure devices?

Percutaneous Closure Devices: These devices are inserted through a small incision in the skin and are guided to the puncture site to close the artery. They may use sutures, collagen plugs, or other mechanisms for closure.

Collagen Plugs or Sealants: Collagen-based plugs or sealants promote clot formation and provide a physical barrier to reduce bleeding, often used in combination with other closure methods.

Clip-Based Devices: These devices use clips or clamps to secure the arterial puncture site.

Vascular Compression Devices: These devices apply external pressure to the puncture site, aiding in hemostasis. They are commonly used alongside other closure devices.


Part Number French Size Guidewire Diameter (in)
610130 6Fr .035 Wire
610131 8Fr .038 Wire



RX ONLY. Refer to the product labels and package insert for complete warnings, precautions, potential complications, and instructions for use. 

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