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Vascular Access and Closure Devices

Terumo’s portfolio offers a full range of access and closure solutions uniquely engineered to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Terumo Access Devices

Radial Access

Glidesheath Slender®

The #1 preferred radial access sheath on the global market*

Glidesheath Slender has a unique, thin wall design combined with a hydrophilic coating, and featuring a low-profile sheath to reduce arteriotomy size.1,2,3  This enables transradial access without compromise.

Learn more about this hydrophilic-coated introducer sheath.

*Data on File

Image de la gaine d’introduction recouverte d’un revêtement hydrophile GLIDESHEATH SLENDER®

Femoral Access

Pinnacle® Precision

Pinnacle Precision Access System provides smooth, atraumatic access, which has been proven to help reduce complications and enable same-day discharge.4 Total Integrated Fit Technology (TIF) allows for seamless sheath transition which minimizes trauma and supports uncomplicated closing.5

Learn More About this Femoral Access System

Tibial Pedal Access

Glidesheath Slender Tibial Pedal Access Kit

Rethink sizing and expand your options for procedural success with Glidesheath Slender’s Tibial Pedal Kit.

Learn more about the proprietary technology in this tibial access kit.

Image du contenu de l’ensemble d’accès tibio-pédieux GLIDESHEATH SLENDER®

Terumo Closure Devices

Radial Closure

TR Band®

The #1 preferred radial hemostasis device on the global market*

TR Band provides precise compression to achieve radial hemostasis at low pressures, minimizing the chances of applying occlusive force6.  With dual balloon technology providing precise compression of the radial artery without compromising local nerve structure.

Learn more about TR Band radial approach to hemostasis.

*Data on file.

Image du dispositif de compression radiale TR BAND®

Femoral Closure

Angio Seal Vascular Closure Device

The #1 vascular closure device on the global market*

Angio Seal provides active closure for rapid and reliable hemostasis proven to accelerate patient mobility and enable same day discharge.  Resorbable components provide immediate closure with uncompromised blood flow 7,8,9

*Data on file.

Learn More about active closure for hemostasis



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