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GLIDEWIRE® Hydrophilic Coated Guidewire


Consistent, reliable TERUMO GLIDEWIRE® Guidewire performance designed to get you there.

The TERUMO GLIDEWIRE® Guidewire product line that you know and trust offers a robust range of tip shapes and wire configurations, making it possible for you to find the right tools for your challenging procedures.

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GLIDEWIRE® Guidewire features a proprietary design for smooth, rapid movement through tortuous vessels and difficult lesions, including*:

  • TERUMO Glide Technology™ hydrophilic coating that provides unmatched lubricity and superior lubricity retention1-3

  • Core-to-tip design providing a 1:1 torque ratio

  • A nitinol alloy core for optimal performance and kink resistance

  • Shape retention for consistent reliability throughout a procedure

  • Tungsten-infused polyurethane jacket provides superior tip and wire radiopacity

* When compared to ZIPwire™, HiWire®, AQUATRACK®, and Laureate®.


GLIDEWIRE® provides an impressive array of lengths, diameters, tip shapes, and tapers


Product Code Wire Type Diameter Flexible Taper Length Tip Shape Total Length
GR1804 Standard 0.018" 3 cm Angle 80 cm
GR1805 150 cm
GR1806 180 cm 
GR1807 260 cm
GR1802 Straight 150 cm
GR1803 180 cm 
GR1808 260 cm 
GR2504 0.025" Angle 150 cm
GR2505 180 cm 
GR2506 260 cm 
GR2501 Straight 150 cm
GR2502 180 cm 
GR2503 260 cm 
GR3202 0.032" Angle 150 cm
GR3201 Straight 150 cm
GR3513 0.035" Angle 80 cm
GR3505 120 cm
GR3506 150 cm
GR3508 180 cm 
GR3509 260 cm 
GR3501 Straight  150 cm
GR3503 180 cm 
GR3504 260 cm 
GR3811 0.038" Angle 80 cm
GR3805 120 cm
GR3806 150 cm
GR3808 180 cm 
GR3809 260 cm 
GR3801 Straight 150 cm
GR3803 180 cm 
GR3804 260 cm 
*Packed 5 per box


Extra support and guidewire pushability designed to help straighten tortuous vasculature for better device delivery
Product Code Wire Type Diameter Flexible Taper Length Tip Shape Total Length
GS3505 Stiff 0.035" 3 cm Angle 80 cm
GS3506 150 cm
GS3508 180 cm 
GS3509 260 cm 
GS3501 Straight 150 cm
GS3503 180 cm 
GS3504 260 cm 
GS3804 0.038" Angle 80 cm
GS3805 150 cm
GS3807 180 cm 
GS3801 Straight 150 cm
GS3803 180 cm 
*Packed 5 per box


Long taper designed to both help maintain catheter tip shape and gain deeper vessel purchase to support guidewire advancement
Product Code Wire Type Diameter Flexible Taper Length Tip Shape Total Length
GR3507 Standard 0.035" 8 cm Angle 150 cm
GR3502 Straight
GS3507 Stiff 0.035" 5 cm Angle 150 cm
GS3510 260 cm 
GS3502 Straight 150 cm
GS3806 0.038" Angle
GS3802 Straight
*Packed 5 per box

1 cm Taper GLIDEWIRE®

Shorter taper designed to help cross stenotic lesions
Product Code Wire Type Diameter Flexible Taper Length Tip Shape Total Length
GR3515 Standard 0.035" 1cm Angle 150 cm 
GR3516 180 cm 
GR3517 260 cm 
GR3518 Straight 150 cm 
GR3519 180 cm 
GR3520 260 cm 
*Packed 5 per box


J-curve designed to provide atraumatic tip and avoid selection of vessel side branches
Product Code Wire Type Diameter Flexible Taper Length Tip Shape Total Length
GR3510 Standard 0.035" 3 cm 3.0 mm J-tip 150 cm
GR3525 1.5 mm J-tip 180 cm 
GR3526 260 cm 
GR3810 0.038" 3.0 mm J-tip 150 cm
*Packed 5 per box


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RX ONLY. Refer to the product labels and package insert for complete warnings, potential complications, and instructions for use.

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